Let’s Tri some mobile games! – Archmage

Have you ever Tried the mobile game, Archmage? Archmage by Vitali Smyk, is a wonderful port of the pc game, that was a mini game in Might & Magic 8, is a fantasy card game all about gaining resources, building up your tower, and trying to destroy your enemies tower.



In the classic, fantasy first person rpg Might & Magic 8: Day of the Destroyer, there was a very addicting card game, Archmage, that you could play in all the taverns. This is a lovely port from that game, old school song effects and the addition of new cards! The music is simple fantasy style, but not crucial so you can have it off or listen to other music without impeding concentration on gameplay. Each match can last anywhere from a minute to 5+ minutes, making it a great game on the go. And the touch controls are smooth, just touch and slide to play or discard cards.


A great part of what makes this game addicting is how simple it plays, and how easy it is to set up strategy. There are two mage towers, yours and your opponents, and each round you gain resources to spend on cards drawn randomly. The goal is to beat your opponent in one of 3 ways: tower destruction, max resources, and max tower building. Although both  you and your opponent have separate decks, they contain the same cards to make things fair.

Every card has a cost based off one, or more, of the 3 resources: brick, gems, and recruits. Each turn you gain these, on a 1-1 basis, based off how much quarries(brick), magic(gems), and dungeons(recruits) you have. The strategy comes from deciding what cards you want to play, and when. You have one action each turn, play a card or discard one card, and all the cards are color coded to remind you what resource they represent. This version adds new cards that require two or all 3 resources.

As you would expect, there are dozen of cards all with various effects. Some build your tower, give resources, add an income (i.e. quarry), or attack your opponents tower.(attacks hit walls first before towers if there are any) So using a combination of cards you have to try to destroy your opponents tower, while protecting yours, or build your tower to max limit, default is 100, and or you could greedily max out a resource with default being 250…you greedy, hoarding pig!


And that’s all there is to it. That simple. With different ways to win, and a wide variety of cards, its fun is quite endless. I adored it in Might & Magic 8, and I find myself playing this all the time on my work breaks. Another neat feature of this mobile version, is you can customise the decks, alter the win limits, change A.I. difficulty, and even challenge players from around the world online!



A wonderful, addicting card game for anyone, where ever, and whenever. I adore this game, I strongly encourage you give it a whirl, and there’s nothing else that needs to be said. Although, I do recommend going back to Might & Magic 8 if you’ve never experienced that as well!

You can Get it here for only $1.99: googleplay *Only downside, there is no iphone version yet…*

If you would like to see the game in action, and how the controls work, check out my video showcase of it here: VideoVersionofthispost