Let’s Tri some mobile games! – Flow Free

Have you ever Tried the mobile game, Flow Free? Flow Free by Big Duck Games LLC. is  a very simple, addicting puzzle game about connecting pipes, and filling out grids. Also a great game to make you paranoid about whether or not you are color blind.


The goal is simple: you must touch & drag the color dots and match them up to create pipes or “flows”. Create a blue line from blue dot to blue dot, a green line between green dot and green dot, etc etc. The puzzle part, or tricky part, is you can not cross pipes (unless playing flow bridge version) , and you MUST fill out every square on the grid. The puzzle is complete when every flow is connected, and the whole grid is filled out. That simple. Made even simplier by the really, fluid touch controls…just press and slide your finger across the path you want!


The addicting part comes the fact the game has multiple puzzle packs, each one containing 100+ different puzzles to solve, and even more so if you decide to upgrade! The game is free, but for a low amount (I think I paid 1.99) you can unlock the full version which gives you a ridiculous amount of puzzles. I would count them, but it hurts my head everytime I consider how many I have to solve. NOT to mention that within each puzzle pack it starts off easy with 6×6 grids 5 flows progressin up to 10×10 9 flows! (more difficult packs go up to crazy grids like 14×14 13 flows)

Like this one, i dubb ” Bite ME ” :


But don’t worry you can easily start off with the easy, smaller grids and slowly work your way up to the tear inducing puzzles. There is simple sound effects when you click things, but no music so you can easily listen to your favorite music or pretend to listen to your friends trying to tell you that same boring story again. Each individual puzzle can take 30 secs to 5 minutes or even an hour for those puzzly challenged making it a perfect game for on the go or whenever you have time to kill!


A insanely, addicting puzzle game with simple mechanics that’s great for the whole family. I highly recommend you try it out, and that’s all there is to it!

You can get here for free: Googleplay itunes

If you would like to see the game in action, and how the controls work, check out my video showcase of it here: VideoVersionofthispost


Let’s Tri some mobile games! – Infectonator

Have you ever Tried the mobile game, Infectonator? Infectonator by Toge Productions, is a wonderful port of the pc flash game that is all about raising an army of zombies to try and infect the entire world!


With saturation of zombie games, it is quite a nice change of pace to play a zombie game where you Play as the zombies! How often do you get to play a game that allows you to slowly devour the world? And it’s beautifully executed as well, with lovely old school, arcade graphics and music that’s 8-bit inspired. Also, having played the flash version, the new touch screen controls are very smooth, and fluid, easy to use compared to a mouse and keyboard.


Gameplay itself is very simple. Your goal is to simply devour the world, one major city at a time. Each level, city if you will, you are given several tools to help you infect or kill everyone in that current level. Your basic tool is a virus infection, where upon touching a person or a group of people they become zombies. At this point the game plays out itself, where your new zombies will chase people around trying to eat them, and there’s a chance the dead will raise new zombies if they were killed by a zombie.

It’s relaxing at this point, since once zombies are created you can proudly watch them do all the work as they eat everything in sight, but as the game gets more difficult you can’t sit back unless you’ve upgraded a LOT. As you go through higher populated towns, they will send police, the army, special agents, and all sorts of skilled units to combat your glorious zombie threat. However, you have you’re own special “forces”…..  (incoming spoiler picture)

Screenshot_2013-01-30-20-46-38 Screenshot_2013-01-30-20-47-04

As you kill and infect the living you will earn coins. Coins will also randomly drop on the screen that you can swipe your finger across to collect. With your blood money you can upgrade your zombies to eventually become unstoppable. Faster zeds? Stronger zeds? More infectious smelly zeds? Check and check! But wait theres more! You can unlock special zombies to summon in battle to add to the carnage, for example, I can unlock a pack of zombies to summon in addition to infecting people. You can also buy support items like grenades, and mines to help deal damage.

Screenshot_2013-01-30-20-45-39 Screenshot_2013-01-30-20-38-21 Screenshot_2013-01-30-20-37-10

That’s all there is to it! A fun simple game for anyone on the fly or for fun, whether you have 5 minutes or a hour to kill. You can save anytime between cities.  So go forth, give it a whirl, Raise a powerful zombie army, and devour the world!

You can get it for only .99 cents here: Googleplay  itunes
If you would like to see the game in action, and how it works controls wise, check out my video showcase of it here:VideoVersionofthispost